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No Contract, No Money Down, Free One Month, Hassle-Free Rent

At The Greenbriar on Stagecoach Residential Care Facility, we strive to make our residential care facility as welcoming and stress-free as possible. We believe in simple, no-obligation living, so you can enjoy your retirement without worrying about heavy fees or binding contracts.  We will provide a one time free rent after staying with us for 5 months.

No Entry Fee

At other facilities, you are often required to pay anywhere from $1,000 in upfront fees to $200,000 to buy an entire room. You then have to watch as that room you purchased devalues over time, meaning your family may only receive $100,000 back once the room is sold again. The entry fee acts a deposit when you move in and usually comes attached to an expensive, one-year lease.

Living with us does not require any upfront fees. Our residents do not have to worry about getting money together or wonder if they are going to lose their deposit if they choose to move. Instead, we insist on no money down and even offer you one month of living absolutely free.

At the Greenbriar we do have a Non-Refundable $750.00 administration fee.  It is a one time fee that must be paid before moving into the facility

Simple Month-To-Month Lease

Enjoy an easy, hassle-free payment system. Rent is due on the first of each month, and, because of our simple, month-to-month lease, residents are able to leave with no strings attached. Other facilities require you to sign a yearlong lease—if you decide to move before your lease is up elsewhere, you and your family would still have to pay the rest of the fees for that period. At Greenbriar, there are no written obligations like contracts or leases, giving all of our residents much-needed peace of mind.

All Utilities Included

All of our services and utilities are included in one convenient payment at the beginning of the month, making it easy to stay up-to-date on all fees. The payment includes everything needed to live comfortably and conveniently except for TV, Cable, and Internet services.

Low Monthly Rent

To provide our residents the best environment, we try to keep our rates competitive and fair. Currently, our rental rates start at $1,625 a month.